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No Fighting.......The Player Or Players Involved Will Be Ejected From The Entire League
Games Are Two 20 Minute Half's (Running Clock).......Each Team Receives 2 Times-Outs Per Half
Games Consist Of A Running Clock Except For.......Under 2 Minutes, Time-Outs, & Technicals (Or Any Problems)
Under 2 Minutes In Each Half The Clock Stops On All Dead-Balls (Any Whistle)...Clock Doesn't Stop On Made Buckets
7 Fouls In A Half Is A One & One Foul Shot Situation.......10 Fouls In A Half Will Result In Two Shots
A Player Fouls Out When He Commits 6 Fouls.......Even If The Team Does Not Have Any Substitues (No Exceptions)
2 Minute Over-Time.......Each Team Receives An Extra Time-Out & Clock Stops On Everything (Same As Rule # 4)
A Player Is Allowed In The Lane On The Release.......On A Free Throw Attempt
Technical(s) & Intentional Foul(s)......2 Shots & The Ball (Technicals Count As Team Fouls, Not Individual Fouls, Two 
Technical's Result In Ejection From The Game.......Intentional Fouls Count As Both, Team Fouls & Individual Fouls)
No Dunking Or Hanging On The Rim In Warm-Ups, It Will Be A Technical Foul To Start The Game.......Dunks Are
Allowed In The Game.......No Hanging On The Rim (Technical) 
Tie Breakers (For Play-Off Seed).......First, Head To Head Match-Up.......Second (If Necessary.......Split The Head To
Head Match-Up, 3 Way Tie, Etc.), Point Margin (Point Difference.......Offense & Defence)
Substitutions Are Only Made On Dead-Ball Possessions (Any Whistle)...Players Can Not Sub In The Middle Of A Play
The Ball Must Be Checked In At All Times By The Referee (Unless The Referee Gives His Or Her OK)...Players Can't
Get The Ball & Take Off With It To Start Play, Unless The Referee OK's It...This Does Not Apply After Made Baskets
Any Physical Abuse To The Official(s) Will Result In Assault Charges Being Pressed.......Nation Wide Law
Allowed To Have Reserves In Case Teams Don't Have Enough Players.......Example: A Team Has Only 3 Players, So
They Get A Player To Come Play For That Game (To Give Them 4 Players).......That Reserve Will Not Be On The  
Roster, Unless The Team Replaces Him On The Roster (They Would Have To Drop Someone).......This Is OK, But It
Must Be Completed By The (Roster) Finalized Date.......Basically Can Only Dress What Ever The Roster Limit Is
Continuous Arguing & Complaining (With Referee(s) Or Players) Will Result In Being Ejected From The League
5 Minute Rule.......Games Should Start On Time (No Later Than 5 Minutes).......If A Team Shows Up After 5 Minutes,
Time Will Be Deducted (15 Minute Half's, Etc.).......Game Will Be Forfeited If The Team Is 15 Minutes Late
Game Situations (Technical(s), Intentional Foul(s), Ejection From Game, Etc.) Will Be Made By The Referee(s).......
League Decisions (Ejection(s) From The League, Suspensions, Etc.) Will Be Made By The League Commissioner(s)
For The Most Part We Follow All The Rules Listed On This Page.......But We Do Allow Some Flexibility With Some Of
The Rules....Most Of The Time Both Teams Must Agree....Example: If A Team Is Winning By 20 Points In The 2nd
Half & Both Teams Agree To Have A Running Clock Even Under Two Minutes...Another Example: If A Team Has Only
3 Players & They Pick Someone Up (That Is Not On Their Roster) Only For That Game, To Give Them A 4th Player...
This Is Not Legal, But If The Other Team OK's It Because They Don't Want To Play 4 On 3 (Or 5 On 3), Then We Will
Allow It (Not For A Playoff Game), That Player Would Basically Be A Reserve......The Other Team Has The Right To
Turn Down A Specific Player (If That Player Is Very Good, Etc.) & Have Them (The Team With 3) Pick Another Player
If Not Listed On This Page, We Will Follow The Official High School Rule Book (High School Game Rules)....Since
Our Referees Are High School Certified (PA Or Ohio)
LEAGUE  RULES  &  POLICIES ...... Can  Change  From  League  To  League
LEAGUE  >>  SUMMER  2010  (Also  Look  Under  Current  League/Tourney  For  Rules).
. .


$150  Per  Team  ...  $10  A  Game  (Per
Team)  For  Referee  ...  $15  If  Two  Refs


Dead-Line  ...  One  Week  Before  League
Starts  ...  Money  Up-Front  &  Paid  In  Full


All  Games  (Not  Refs)  &  League  Shirts
... Champs  Receive  An  Additional  Shirt


6  Player  Roster,  Can  Only  Dress  6  Per
Game  ...  Teams  Can  Drop  &  Add  Players


Can  Make  Changes  Throughout  The
Course  Of  A  Season  (Note  Below)

Players  Must  Play  At  Least  1  Regular   
Season  Game To  Qualify  For  The  Playoffs
. .
TIME-OUTS  PER  GAME >>>> 2  Time-Outs  Per  Half  ...  They  Do
Not  Carry  Over  From  Half  To  Half
BONUS >>>> 7  Fouls  One  &  One,  10  Fouls  Two  Shots
(Only  Keep  Team  Fouls;  Not  Player  Fouls)
NO  FOUL  OUTS >>>> No  Foul-Outs  ...  No  Individual  Fouls  (New
Rule;  Made  Summer  2008)  (Was  6  Fouls)
LENGTH  OF  GAME(S) >>>> Two  20  Minute  Halfs,  Running  Clock;  It
Stops  On  All  Dead  Balls  Under  2  Minutes
CLOCK  ON  MADE  SHOTS >>>> The  Clock  Does  Not  Stop  On  Made
Baskets  Under  2  Min.  (Only  Dead  Balls)
OVER-TIME >>>> 2  Minute  Over-Time  ...  Each  Team
Receives  One  Extra  Time-Out
TECHNICAL  FOUL >>>> 2  Shots  &  The  Ball  ...  Same  For 
Intentional  Fouls  (2  Shots  &  Ball)
TIE  BREAKERS  FOR  SEED >>>> 1st  Is  Head  To  Head  ...  2nd  (If  Split, 
Never  Played,  3  Way  Tie)  Is  Point  Margin
ON  THE  RELEASE >>>> Players  Can  Enter  The  Lane  On  The
Release  When  Attempting  A  Free  Throw
EXTRA  SHIRT(S) >>>> Each  Team  Receives  6  Shirts  With  The 
League  Fee  (Extra  Shirts  Cost  $5  Each)
LEAGUE  SHIRTS >>>> All  Players  Must  Wear  Their  #  League 
Shirt  (If  Not,  It  Must  Be  The  Same  Color)
TRADES >>>> Can  Only  Be  Traded  1X;  The  Other  Team
Doesn't  Have  To  Get  A  Player  In  Return
TRADES  /  PLAYOFFS >>>> If  Traded,  To  Qualify  For  Playoffs,  You
Must  Play  1  Game  With  Your  2nd  Team
CAN'T  PLAY  ON  2  TEAMS >>>> Players  Can't  Play  For  A  Different  Team,
Even  If  It's  As  A  Reserve  (Unless  Traded)
TWO  ROSTER  LIMIT  RULE >>>> Dropped  By  One  Team  (Drop  &  Add)  &
Picked  By  Another  Can  Only  Happen  1X
NO  TRADE  &  PICKED  UP >>>> Can  Not  Be  Picked  Up  By  A  Team  (Drop
&  Add)  &  Traded  (Two  Roster  Limit  Rule)
DROP  &  ADD  /  PLAYOFFS >>>> If  Picked  Up,  To  Qualify  For  Playoffs,
You  Need  1  Game  With  Your  2nd  Team
2  T'S  /  MUST  LEAVE  GYM >>>> A  Player  Is  Ejected  If  He  Receives  2  T's
In  A  Game  &  He  Must  Leave  The  Gym
1  GAME  SUSPENSION >>>> If  A  Player  Is  Ejected  (2  T's),  He  Will 
Receive  A  1  Game  Suspension  (Next  Gm)
EJECTED  TWICE >>>> If  A  Player  Is  Ejected  Twice  In  1  Season,
He  Will  Be  Kicked-Out  Of  The  League
FIGHTING  (Not  Tolerated) >>>> Fighting  Results  In  An  Automatic  Ejection
(Double  T),  Possibly  Kick-Out  Of  League
SWEARING  (Not  Tolerated) >>>> 1st  Offense:  Warning  By  The  Official  (If
Loud;  T)  ...  2nd  Offense:  Technical  Foul
MERCEY  RULE >>>> IF  A  Team  Is  Up  By  20+  (2nd  Half),  The
Clock  Runs  Under  2  Min  &  No  Time-Outs